Canadian International Faith & Family Film Festival – Best Screenplay List

Best Screenplay

The Josephus Conspiracy – David Garrett


Chasing Eden – Sam Sorbo/Norma Joyce Dougherty

Searching For Sheida – Anne Cattaruzza, Kim Feeney

Dietrich – John Martins III

Wrangled – T. W. Lawrence, Bradley Hawkins

The Proverbial Fit – Diane De La Haye

Scarchild – Sandra Ann Gibson

Paperboy – Todd Heilesen

Spectrum – Bryan Mero

Eternal Legacy – Sandon Yahn

Postcard Journeys – Eric Christopher Jones

Always Mine – Raven M Smith

Amy and Angel – Julia Verdin, Deedee Benkovich

O’ Bury Me Now – Todd Alan Shaffer

The Matter Of Mr. Miller – Tamara Lee Green

The Christmas Festival – Byron Anderson

Semi-Finalist in Tuscon

“This is a bold and ambitious story that powerfully reflects what’s going on in our world today with tech giants becoming omnipresent, and with the tracking and controlling of humans that was brought out during Covid. This story is timely and relevant and the writer has worked at crafting an action-packed multi-linear global thriller that is both intelligent and tense.

We live in times where we should be afraid of what those in power can do to control us and The Josephus Conspiracy is something of a wake-up call. In fact, there is so much to digest in this enthralling script that the writer may even want to consider this as a limited series that would give us the opportunity to really dive into the story and characters with more time.Television is king right now for well-written series and a story such as this, with a little more work, could be very attractive to networks, not least as it’s controversially entertaining, topical, and carries a powerful and much-needed message of hope.”

-Festival script notes

Best Script List at Branson International Film Festival in 2021 for Stop Dyrette: The Josephus Conspiracy

Running the bases- By Marty Roberts, Jimmy Womble
Secrets of the Black Forest- By Dale Norman Green
Seed Police- By Gayla Prewitt
Stop Dyrette: The Josephus Conspiracy- By David Garrett
Summer of 69- By Eric Sollars, Michael Sollars, Geoffrey Sollars
The Apostle- By John Martins III
The Christians – Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile- By Tony Gioutsos
The Christmas Kid- By Carmen Lindsay
The Last Ones- By C.D. Peterson